Thursday, February 25, 2010

Results Night

Ryan talks to the judges... and Mr. Kara is a HOTTIE.

And the top 24 sings "American Boy"... very badly. It sounds like something you would hear in the elevator on the way to your dentist's office.

And it's time for Girl's Results....
And the lights are up... and down... and up... and down........
Siohban is SAFE
Haeileighy is..... safe. (Ugh)
Michelle is looking PANICCED.... but she's safe.
Katelyn has less lip stick on tonight... and she's safe.
katie and Janell are left. Janell looks So much like Marcia Brady. They both look like they could puke. And Janell is going home. Awww, and she gives a nice good bye speech. Awww.

Oooo - Allison Iraheta is back with REALLY pink and purple hair. Rather Barbie. And a REALLY big butt ruffle thing. And ends the song with some REALLY WEIRD head thing. She IS much better with the conversations than she was last year.

And MORE ladies...

Paige... well she's staying cause he's talking about her first. yep, staying.
Lacey... is... staying. oh Ryan and your tricky little ways.
Lily... (Looking like a red gladiator) is safe.
Crystal... she better be safe cause I LIKE HER. (Even if I didn't call) And she's safe.
So we're down to Ashley and Didi. I hope it's DeighDeigh staying. Ashley just didn't do it for me. and i'm right. Ashely's heading home. Singing her song... proving again why she's headed home. NOT good. Why do they make us suffer through these things again????

Oh... um.. I got sidetracked....

Back with the boys.

Big Mike - staying
John - staying
(One of the guys is making like this is a football sideline and saying "Alight, Alright" after someone is announced safe)
Little short guy (Aaron)
Toddrick - Safe
We're down to Tim and Joe. Tim looks like Albert Ingalls. And it's Joe that is headed home. Awww... nice guy.

Kris is back!!! With pictures of his trip to Haiti.. singing Let It Be. Oooo.. .nice.

And now the last guy...

Casey... is safe.
Jermaine... is safe... (and looks like Spike Lee)
Lee... is safe! (yeah - me likey him!!!)
Andrew.... oh please.... is safe. Yeah again!
Tyler & Alex left. Bye bye Alex. Though I'm okay with either one. Alex looks about 2 seconds from bawling.... (Alex is wearing plaid)... Oh my gosh - Tyler is going!! SEE - it's the POWER OF THE PLAID PEOPLE!!!!!

So there you go. We're down to 20. Wow... I was So not good at picking!!!


  1. I still can't believe that Tyler is going home over mullet boy. But then again. They are all horrid.

    I loved Kris doing "Let it Be." Very cool!

  2. I'm with Kat, none of the fellows was really good. Oh well, there's just no telling with this show.

  3. Yep, I was bummed that Tyler went home. I didn't love his song Wednesday, but I think he had potential...and there was just something about him that I liked.