Tuesday, February 23, 2010

AI - Top 12 Girls

Are you ready?? Here's Ryan, WEARING A PLAID TIE, walking through a phalanx of people - girls on the left, guys on the right. Ryan gets all dramatic about how this stage will produce another super star, and then for some reason he and the guy on the end get a massive case of the giggles. But Ryan kept it together.

Ryan introduces the girls... yeah.. all those names ran together, I'll catch them when they sing.

Let's meet the judges.... Simon thinks a girl is going to win. Cara... well... she said something but I wasn't listening. Randy says sing (DUH - thanks Captain Obvious). Ellen gives some good advice and then they let her cut up a bit. Ok... I don't want this every night. I like Ellen's skits on her show, i don't want this on AI. Especially if it makes the show run long.

Starting off with Paige from Florida singing All Right Now. Paige is wearing a romper. A... black, lace, romper. Really??? She's pretty good but a little flat to my untrained ear. Simon things it wasn't a good song choice. Randy says it's a group song... seriously... I hate it when they say it. Why do things have to be the group or the single? Isn't a key that you can "make it your own". Ellen liked it.

Ashley. Singing Happy. By Leona Lewis. Simon's golden girl... interesting choice. More gold Lame'. Is my closet lacking Lame'? I think I might look lame in Lame.' And Very Tight spandex jeans. Oh... and she's singing, and it's nice. But a little flat and kind of uninspiring. They tell her to sing something we don't expect her to sing. Ten dollars says later in the evening they tell someone the song didn't "fit" them. Ugh.

What About Love from Janell. Who apparently borrowed Ashley's painted on jeans. Am I just old?? And then she's got a shoulder pad the size of something from Working Girl. Oh... and she's doing a great job of hitting some clunkers. She has a nice voice but she's not going anywhere in this competition. The judges say it was a "big song" which is code for "not good"

Lily with the platinum hair is singing "Fixin a Hole". She's got her guitar. She's got that quirky voice - kinda like Megan Joy from last season, but a little more controlled. But she still manages to go a little flat here and there. But she's got pretty good stage presence and understands that not EVERY NOTE needs to be hollard to be good. The judges like her, and she agrees. Awwww.. her Dad is cute!!! Kinda like Ron Howard :)

Katelyn will be touching us with her rendition of Oh Darlin! Oh.. the little black pleather dress and hair... spider??? She sings pretty well. And she looks like Gert did her lipstick. Whoa there girl. The judges like her.

Haeley is singing I Wanna Hold Your Hand. Remember Haeley? She wanted to be a country singer? - and she's playing a red guitar and and she's tweeked the song a bit... and she when she goes for the high notes it's pretty painful. She's completely in white by the way... VERY 80's mini skirt. Oh... Haeley... you're cute.

Buh Bye. (Ellen thought it was a hot mess... oh.. Ellen.. no it wasn't)

Lacey's back. Singing Landslide. Oh, she's on a stool, cause this is the "slow it down portion" of the show. Wow... her mouth is moving from the sound is coming from her nose. I hate nasal singing. She did find a lipstick that TOTALLY matches her hair. That's neat. She's flat. that's not neat. Randy thought it was terrible. (OH - programming note - Randy has not said "For me for You" or "10000 %" at all tonight) Ellen didn't like it. Simon didn't like it.... but he needs to stop saying Indulgent cause it doesn't even MEAN anything anymore.

Michelle has a family that is excited that she's going to be singing Fallen. More painted on jeans. And 80's looks. She's really beautiful. She does a pretty good job. She's obviously comfortable on stage. The judges liked her as well. Nothing that's going to blow your socks off, but nice.

Dede/Didi/DeeDee is wearing my grandma's Afghan and singing "The Way I Am"... actually.. I'm pretty sure Lisa Grinde had that "vest" when we were in 3rd grade. Oh, another girl who sounds a LOT like Megan Joy. Dollars to donuts Simon calls this indulgent. But I like it. I'm not sure I could listen to a whole album straight of her voice, but I would put her in a song mix. She's a smidge flat on the last note, but all in all it was nice. And the judges say.... HA HA Simon says it was indulgent. HA HA HA And he's missing a spark. Oh well. The other judges liked it.

Have you seen these Old Spice commercials? They are SLAYING me.

Siobhan is singing Wicked Game and doesn't know what a "dark horse" is. So I'm going to find it hard to like her cause really... read a book. She starts the song really low, almost too low. Her shoes may be the most "sensible" shoes ever worn by a woman on AI... ever. Wingtips??? With Velcro Closures?? Beyond that she's also singing.. and it's... another eh... I didn't totally get into it. She's just not my thing.

OO - it's Crystal the dreadlock girl. She's quite different. She doesn't watch AI, but she's trying to take care of her son. That's cool. She's got her guitar AND harmonica, singing Hand in my Pocket. And nice jeans. Neither too loose, nor too tight. And she sounds a LOT like Alanis, but it's all good. Pretty on pitch and CLEARLY musically talented. I'm really liking her. Randy liked it, Ellen liked it, her friends liked it, Simon says there are thousands of her doing this outside subway stations all over the world. So lovely.

Katie - Katie is 16 or something like that. And she likes headbands. Cause yeah... that's fun. And she has a family. Curious how so many of these contestants have families. She's singing Feeling Good. And as a mom, watching her move and sing, and knowing her age, I'm kinda in the "get off that stage and cover up young lady" mode. This is so a song you would lip sync to while you were doing a strip tease in your bedroom for your husband. I don't want my 16 -year-old being that...sensual. Ew... And guess what. The judges agree with me.

So kids, who's going home???? I'm going with Haeley and Paige.


  1. I would definitely think Haeley is going home. I really did not like Lacey's version of Landslide.
    As for the guys tonight, none of them so far could count on my vote, except for maybe big Mike.

  2. Wow, I don't even have to watch tonight, cause you will just tell me what happened tomorrow. I will though, just to see if we agree, again.

  3. I am so glad your idol posts are back!

    Did you notice that Randy DID say "for you for me" last night with the guys??

    And please tell me I am not the only one who thinks all of them suck. Over the two nights there was not one stand out performance. Ugh!

  4. I hope, really, really, REALLY hope that it's Haeley (or however the hell you spell her name, cause come on, would Haley be too frickin' hard?!) I cannot stand her. At. All. Her look. Her mouth. Her singing. Her lips. Her new nose piercing. Her mom. All of it - ICK!