Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Final 12

And we're BACK!!!

Sorry - the last couple weeks were so bad Idol wise I just couldn't even stand drawing them. But we're down to the final 12 now so it's time to kick it into gear.

Tonight we are honored to have a guest drawer, Gert!!! Gert is 6 and loves COLOR.

Idolt Does Rolling Stone Tonight.... now... LAST year this would have been one I was looking forward to. This year all I could think was that the thought of Aaron singing anything by the Stone frightened me.


So we're off. I follow Ryan Seacrest on Twitter. He tweeted today he was scared of the stairs. He handled them just fine.

I thought I would do a little Stone Logo here for you. Gert said "You draw lips really good Mommy!!"

Big Mike was up first. I gotta say it... he's too big for sticks. He sang nicely. And moved robotic ally. The judges agreed.

Really... the best part of Idol these days is the Kris Allen Ford commercials.

Didi.... I still kinda like her... and she picked a GREAT song for her.

All of tonight's performances were prefaced by interviews with contestants families. Casey's mom has a necklace with his picture in it. I think she has other kids.

I think they might need therapy.

Casey just annoys me. He's not that great a singer and he was doing this whole one handed guitar thing tonight and just... go home boy.

Gert was baffled why Casey had a girls name. How times have changed that Casey is now a default girls name. So she added a little descriptor to assist you.

Lacey... was boring. Honestly. It was a very nice song, but... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.. And ellen agreed with me.

Andrew.... Andrew Andrew Andrew... you had plaid on. That's your only saving grace this week. He also is a very nice singer, but there's just no pizazz!

Katie of course has HEARD of the Rolling Stones... sort of. She wore a fluffy dress and I always feel like she's auditioning for Glee when I watch her. Eh.

So far tonight most people have had some pitch problems....

Fozzie was enjoying the Stone as well. He kept jumping around during the show. See?

Tim.... Tim is a former cast member of Little House on the Prairie. Well... no he's not. But he's sporting some SERIOUS Almonzo hair. And I REALLY REALLY want to cut it. Oh... and he's another "Meh" singer.
Siobhan... sang the heck out of the song. And up til the last note was great, and then went for a power note that simply WASN'T there... and it was all screamy and screechy and the judges apparently didn't notice. I thought she was very Adam Lamberty... in that now she has to have this power screech somewhere in her songs. Sigh. Not again.

Lee is exactly the kind of singer I'm into these days... Male singer/songwriters with a little gravel in the voice. SO I loved him... I do wish he'd find just a smidge of glitter for his personality. And Lee... don't wear gray... it doesn't help.

I'm and old fuddy duddy and Paige wore gray shorts with black tight and gray boots... and I have no idea how she sang cause all I could do was look at that combo... ick.
Aaron tried to have a moment on the stairs. I think needing to shave should be a requirement for this show.

I had a note here that said "I'm Tired of Vampires"... cause they're everywhere and in everything and I'm over it. But the computer ate the sign and I didn't feel like recreating it.
WEll.... I don't.
And finally, in the pimp spot (oh I am SOOOOOOOOO surprised) Crystal... did another troubadour rendition of a song and it was good, but she's gotta come out of her shell a bit. And don't tell the world you weren't in the right "head space"

There you have it my friends.....
Who is going home???


  1. Gert, I'm with you GIRL! Colors! You rock!

  2. If it were up to me they'd all go home except Big Mike. As Randy would say "Dawg, it just didn't work for me." But what do I know?

  3. Gee Dawg, I just don't know. Lotta pitch tonight.
    I do like Mike, Aaron Crystal and Siobhan.
    I think Lacey has an interesting voice, but am not sure of the quality.
    In picking who will go home, I put it between Tim and Andrew.
    One of us has color problems with their TV. I was thinking that Paige was wearing Beige. Maybe it is me and I will need to buy a new flat screen with surround sound:)

  4. OOps, I forgot, Gert, I love your artwork!!
    And.......I do not like commercials with chewing sounds either.

  5. I had a PTA meeting last night. And I had to tivo LOST. Normally I would have watched Idol on tivo, too. But somehow, I don't think I missed anything. Do you think that this year will be the death of Idol??

  6. I think Lacey or Tim will go home. But I agree...they're all so blah and boring this year. I wouldn't be surprised it this ended up being the last year. Casey-I like him better than you do, I guess. Just because he looks dreamy. I don't really LOVE anyone. I always had a winner picked out in previous years. Now? I am looking for the "least crappy."

  7. Truthfully I wouldn't be disappointed if they sent them ALL home and started fresh. I swear there is no one that I'm rooting for this year at all. But if I gotta pick just one - yeah Lacey should be booted.

    Gert's Lacey is awesome though! Maybe the stick figure also sings better than the real Lacey...